I’d say WinslowDynasty is an eclectic mix of the sounds of Ashford & Simpson, 2pac, Miles Davis, Earth Wind & Fire, YES, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Ben Folds, John Coltrane, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, and The Fugees.

What is the WinslowDynasty Sound? WinslowDynasty created Life Music- a form of Alternative Music derived from soul, R&B, rock, jazz, blues, European classical and hip-hop music.

//LIFEMUSIC- is a category of music started by “The Life Album” by WinslowDynasty, that blends and synthesizes varying musical genre’s on the same album. The music can be spread across multiple radio formats and finds it’s cohesion in subject matter, sonic texture and philosophy.

What makes WinslowDynasty different is that most groups make an album of music in the same genre, we make an album of songs in multiple genre’s (across varying radio Formats). This is “Life Music” introduced by WinslowDynasty.



WinslowDynasty Enter The Dynasty New CD!!! February 11, 2014 on Itunes and Amazon!

WinslowDynasty The Life Album Producers/vox/songwriters/arrangers Mashica & Dontae Winslow

Aloe Blacc “I’m The Man” Trumpet

Tyler Perry #HavesandHavenots Trumpet on the TV Theme Song

Kendrick Lamar Good Kid Maad City Trumpet/Songwriter  “County Building Blues”

The Game The Red Album Trumpet/Horn Arranger “Ricky”

Jay-Z Kingdom Come Songwriter/trumpeter/keys/arranger “I Made It”

Kanye West Late Registration Songwriter/arranger/trumpeter “We Major”

Keyshia Cole Calling All Hearts Music Producer “Two Sides to Every Story”

Quincy Jones Soul Bossa Nostra Trumpet “Get The Funk Out My Face” feat. Snoop

Snoop Dog Back to da chuuch Volume I Music Producer “Shut You Down”

Kelly Price Kelly String Arranger/Trumpeter/Horn Arranger “Rain”, Tired”, “Get Right”

Beyonce I am Sasha Fierce Trumpeter “Huge Ego”

Mary Mary Mary Mary Co-producer/songwriter/horn arranger “Biggest Greatest Thing”

Snoop Dog Ego Trippin Trumpeter

Really Doe “Plastic” Music Producer feat. Kanye West

Dontae Winslow Ballads

Dontae Winslow Change A Life Change The World

Mashica Winslow The Real Thing

Musiq Soulchild LoveandMusiq Trumpeter/horns arranger “Greatest Love Song”

Patti Labelle The Gospel According to Patti Trumpeter/arranger

David Banner Faith Trumpet/Songwriter

Kierra Sheard Love Like Crazy, The One Trumpeter/Songwriter

Xzibit Weapons of Mass Destruction Trumpet/arranger + Mashica Winslow-Vox

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Robert Townsend Feature Film “In The Hive” Composer

Dontae Winslow

2011 USA 107 MIN HD

SCR: Cheryl L. West

DIR: Robert Townsend

PROD: Messiah Jacobs

EXEC PROD: Rey Ramsey, David Saunier, Robert Townsend

ORIG. MUSIC: Dontae Winslow

CAST: Michael Clarke Duncan, Loretta Devine, and Vivica A. Fox.


In The Hive, a gritty film, based on the real experiences of the people who attend and teach at a special school in North Carolina called “The Hive.” It’s based on a true story about this woman in North Carolina named Vivian Saunders, who basically without any formal education, started an alternative school for at risk boys, who were expelled or discarded from regular schools. Not only were these boys gang bangers and drug dealers, they’re all teenagers, fathers at 14 and 15 years old as well.

In The Hive is a movie about the power of love and a gripping reminder that we can all make a difference in a childs life, even the ones whove been relegated to the discarded heap for far too long.


Live Band Performances & Tours

Dontae Winslow has performed with some of the best musicians on many national stages including:  American Idol, The Voice, MTV Awards, BET Awards, American Music Awards, The Grammy’s, McDonald’s 365 Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and SNL with JAY-Z and Justin Timberlake. Winslows’s particular style and trumpet skill set remain in high demand in Hollywood. Listed are some of the acts Dontae Winslow has graced the stage with.  (Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party Tour – Photo)

Justin Timberlake & The Tennessee Kids


Jennifer Hudson

Jill Scott

Queen Latifah

Snoop Dogg


Mary Mary

Lauryn Hill

Christina Aguilera




The Johns Hopkins University Peabody Young Maestro Award 2012

Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Fellowship USC 2003-2005 Dir: Terence Blanchard

John Lennon International Songwriting Competition Grand Prize winner 2002 “Children’s Category” 2002

Thelonious Monk International Trumpet Competition Semi-finalist 1997